Peter Leley

Mr. Peter Leley is an accomplished professional with over 28 years’ experience in Public Administration. He has held several positions in Government Administration and risen to the rank of Deputy Provincial Commissioner for Nairobi. Prior to his appointment to the current role, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee (IGRTC). Before that, he was the pioneer County Secretary and Head of County Public Service at the County Government of Uasin Gishu, as well as the first Chairperson, Forum for County Secretaries.

With an extensive career he has established a forte in: Conflict Analysis, Prevention and Management; Project Management; Strategic Planning and Implementation; Security Management; Operations (logistics and supply chain); Corporate Governance; Change Management; Integrity Standards and Control; Rural development; Alternative Dispute Resolution; and Intergovernmental Relations.

Leley holds a Master of Business Administration from Moi University, Bachelor of Arts Degree (Government) from University of Nairobi, Post Graduate Diploma in Anti-Corruption and Good Governance from Marquette University, Washington DC, USA, and accreditation in Urban Economic Development in Galilee College, Israel.

In addition, he studied Fiscal Decentralization and Local Finance at The Hague Academy of Local Government at The Hague, Netherlands. He is also a Certified Mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution with certification from the Mediation Training Institute of East Africa (MTI-EA). He is a member of the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM).

Leley’s expertise in administration is derived from extensive training in Advanced Public Administration (APA), Senior Management Courses (SMC), and Strategic Leadership Development Program as well as Corporate Governance at the Kenya School of Government (KSG). Coupled with his mediation accreditation, he has also studied Conflict Analysis and Prevention at International Peace Support Training Centre(IPSTC).

His competencies over the years has resulted in creation of policies, advisories, legislations, strategy frameworks, conflict resolutions, and publications that have impacted service delivery in institutions.

Under his guidance, IGRTC undertook studies leading to publication of a number of books including but not limited to; Study on Cost of Litigation in inter/intra-government litigation in Kenya; The study on the Status of Public Participation in National and County Governments; The study on Emerging Issues on Devolution and Best Practices in Intergovernmental Relations; The Study on Status of Sectoral and Intergovernmental Forums in Kenya; The Study on Emerging Issues on Transfer of Functions to National and County Governments. He also oversaw the development and publication of Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance of National and County Governments and Intergovernmental Relations in Kenya.

Mr. Leley was instrumental in the formulation of the National Cooperatives Policy; The Public Participation Policy; Public Participation Guidelines; The Alternative Dispute Resolution in Intergovernmental Disputes Policy; ADR regulations 2018; The County Economic Blocs Policy; and The Assets and Liabilities Management Policy;

In summation his goals and aspirations have been to initiate and maintain positive institutional trajectory of all organizations and institutions that he has had an opportunity to serve in the various capacities.

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