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The Commission has five Committees as delivery units each headed by a Commissioner. The Deputy Directors HCM serve as secretaries to the committes as indicated below:-

The Committee is headed by Vice Chairperson, Dr. Alice Otwala, CBS. The Secretary to the Committee is Ms. Esther Mwatha, Deputy Director, HCM (Recruitment, Appointment, Confirmation and Welfare).


  1. Coordinate the overall recruitment process of NPS members who include civilian staff of the NPS and ensure the constitutional threshold on inclusivity is met.
  2. Coordinate the development of terms and conditions of service for NPS staff; including pay and benefits.
  3. Deliberate and make recommendations on confirmations in appointment for members of the Service
  4. Make recommendations regarding appointment of officers to act in positions in the Service
  5. Initiate the development of a policy on how officers injured in the course of duty will be managed.
  6. Coordinate the implementation of the NPS regulations on recruitment, appointment and welfare, counseling, housing, chaplaincy policies and provide recommendation for review.
  7. Coordinate the development of appropriate guidelines for formation and recognition of police associations.
  8. Coordinate research and make recommendations for NPS Staff welfare issues.
  9. Approve applications for engagement by police officers in trade and other businesses.
  10. Any other functions assigned to the committee by the Commission.

This Committee is headed by Commissioner Lilian Kiamba, MBS. Madam Tabitha Norman, Deputy Director HCM (Discipline and HR Audit ) serves as Secretary to the Committee.


  1. Recommend review of the policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures on Discipline matters in the NPS
  2. Conduct public enquiries and publish the outcome of such inquiries on matters related to the commission mandate
  3. Oversee and promote the compliance with the disciplinary procedures in the Service
  4. Review and recommend confirmation of disciplinary sanctions under section 89 (6) of the NPS Act i.e. restitution, stoppage of salary increments, reduction in rank and dismissals from the NPS.
  5. To recommend disciplinary action against an officer who commits a criminal offence.
  6. Oversee and provide reports on the implementation of the NPSC policies and regulations
  7. Conducting audit on implementation of the Commission’s decisions by the NPS.
  8. Conduct audit of Human Resource Management of the civilians in NPS.
  9. Any other function assigned to the Committee by the Commission.

This Committee led by Commissioner Eusebius Laibuta, MBS, OGW, HSC, ‘ndc’(K). The Secretary to the Committee is Deputy Director HCM, Mr. Okinda Obor.


  1. Coordinate the provision of recommendations on promotions and transfers in the NPS for Uniformed and Civilian staff.
  2. Initiate, oversee the implementation and review ofthe promotions and transfers policies and regulations.
  3. Monitor and exercise oversight over transfers and promotions in the NPS to ensure that they meet the thresholds prescribed in the regulations and law.
  4. Maintain a skills inventory in the NPS.
  5. Conduct promotional interviews for members of NPS.
  6. Any other function assigned to the Committee by the Commission.

The Committee is headed by Commissioner Naphtaly Rono, MBS. The Secretary to the Committee is Mr. Samson Ole Tipape, Deputy Director, HCM (Appeals, Policy and Legal Affairs)


  1. Coordinate various research and surveys for policy development
  2. Lead in the coordination of the development and review of policies, regulations and guidelines for the implementation of NPSC mandate.
  3. Develop and review the schedule of penalties for the offences against discipline in the NPS in accordance with the NPS Act.
  4. Develop and review policies and procedures to mainstream cross cutting issues including but not limited to gender, human rights, conflict of interest and anti-corruption.
  5. Provide leadership on legal affairs, legal review, complaints management, case management and litigation involving the NPSC.
  6. Implementing the policy and procedures for Appeals to the NPSC
  7. Conducting hearings and recommending determinations on appeals
  8. Coordinate the development and review of delegation instruments in the NPSC.
  9. Any other function assigned to the Committee by the Commission.

The Committee is headed by Commissioner John Ole Moyaki, MBS. The Secretary to the Committee is Madam Lucy Mitu, Deputy Director, HCM


  1. Coordinate and oversee implementation of change management and reforms of the NPSC Secretariat
  2. Exercise oversight on the implementation of the budget and resource mobilization for NPSC and oversee its implementation
  3. Oversee implementation of overall NPSC communication and ICT strategy
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of strategic plan.
  5. Review job descriptions/ specifications for NPS and NPSC staff
  6. Review, monitor and evaluate training policies for NPS and NPSC.
  7. Evaluate training curricula, recommend for approval and oversee implementation
  8. Oversee the implementation of integrity and corruption prevention, policies and standards for both NPS and NPSC.
  9. Exercise oversight over the administration and management of the NPSC.
  10. Any other function assigned to the Committee by the Commission.

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