Dr. Mc’Opiyo Silas Oloo, PhD, EBS, OGW, MKIM MKISCWD


Dr. Silas O. Mc’Opiyo, PhD, EBS, OGW, MKIM MKISCWD is a holder of a fully earned Ph.D. degree in Management Science (Public Administration and Management) from the prestigious Kampala International University, currently ranked as No. 2 among all Uganda Universities and No. 1 among the Private Universities in Uganda.; Master’s degree in Business Administration (Strategic Management) from the University of Sunderland, UK; Level 7 BTEC Advanced Professional Diploma in Management Studies from University of Sunderland, UK; Higher Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Kenya Polytechnic/ Technical University of Kenya; Advanced Diploma in Planning and Management of Development Projects from Catholic University of Eastern Africa; Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Kenya Polytechnic/Technical University of Kenya; Advanced Certificate in Instructor Training from Kenya Technical Teachers College and Certificate in Instructor Training from Kenya Technical Teachers College. All the above were fully sponsored by the Kenya Government

Professionally, Dr. Mc’Opiyo has been a Police Officer of long standing who honorably and respectfully retired from the National Police Service in 2019 after having dedicatedly served this our Country Kenya for over 39 years. He rose through the Police Ranks from Police Constable to Police Corporal, Inspector of Police, Chief Inspector of Police, Superintendent of Police, Senior Superintendent of Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police and finally Assistant Inspector General of Police.

During the said tour of duty, Dr. Mc’Opiyo worked in different areas such as general duty, Petty Crime Investigations, an Electrical & Electronics Engineer for seventeen years being Technical Officer In-charge of the former greater South Nyanza District, Technical Officer In-Charge of the former Nyanza Province, Instructor and Training Officer (Principal) at the Signals Training school, South C, Deputy Officer Commanding Police Division (D/OCPD), and Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Vihiga.

In addition to these and thereafter, Dr. Mc’Opiyo worked at the Kenya Police Headquarters as a Planning Officer In-charge of Development from the year 2003 rising to be Deputy Director Planning, Research and Development, then the Director of Planning, Research and Development in 2005 for 11 years. Thereafter, in January 2015, Dr. Mc’Opiyo was relocated to National Police Service hqtrs, Jogoo House and assigned as Director of Administration, Planning and Finance this time for the two Services (KPS & APS) and the DCI. This, in effect, gave him an opportunity to have served for 15 years continuously as a Director. He was able to spearhead a number of reforms in the National Police Service specifically in Police Housing and infrastructure Development which saw the Service construct a number of Police Houses across the country, Establishment and upgrading of Police stations and acquisition of Police lands amongst many other deliveries.

During that period, he chaired a number of committees such as NPS Transport Committee overseeing leasing of Motor Vehicles from 2013 to 2019 that saw the Service lease 2720 Motor vehicles; Chairman NPS ASK Nairobi International Trade Fair Committee for eleven years, Chairman National Police Service Standing Orders (SSO) Implementation Committee, Chairman of the National Police Service and Kenya Prisons Housing Allowance Implementation Sub-Committee, Chairman of NPS Reforms and Housing Implementation Committee, Chairman of the NPS Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022 Implementation Committee amongst many others.

Dr. Mc’Opiyo has undertaken a number of skills and competency trainings and obtained a number of certificates in Advanced Research Methodology from Kampala International University, Uganda; Policy Formulation and Analysis from Kenya School of Government (KSG), Strategic Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) from Kenya School of Government; Project Planning & Management from University of Nairobi, Training Function from ESAMI, Training of Trainers from the Management University of Africa and Negotiation Skills from Kenya School of Monetary Studies amongst many others.

Due to his talent in leadership and management, Dr. Mc’Opiyo was able to be given a number of Awards. Awarded the Best All Round Student (Stick Man) for his sterling performance as a Recruit Constable at the Kenya Police College, Kiganjo and honored by H.E. the President of the Republic of Kenya during the passing out parade, Awarded the Order of Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS) Medal by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Kenya in recognition of his devotion and commitment to service of this country, Awarded the Order of Grand Warrior (OGW) Medal by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Kenya in recognition of his dedicated service to this country Kenya and Awarded an Alumni Fellowship Award, Kenya 2019, in recognition by the University of Sunderland Alumni Association for his outstanding achievements since his graduation from the said University in 2012. He is a Full Member of Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) and a Gold Member of Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development (KISWCD).

In his free time, Dr. Mc’Opiyo has been lecturing as a Part-Time Lecturer at few Institutions of higher learning such as The Management University of Africa, School of Management and Leadership, Nairobi from 2015 where he was also an Assistant Academic Leader for Doctor of Business Administration Programme.

He is a strong, dependable, sociable and results-oriented person with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is also a flexible, dynamic and outgoing person with analytical and administrative skills. Dr. Mc’Opiyo has wide knowledge in Police work, social ethics, gender, research issues, public policy, and management. He is a gender sensitive scholar with gender responsive mechanisms, empowerment, capabilities and functioning of most vulnerable and marginalized groups of people in the society.

He joins the National Police Service Commission as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in-charge of Human Capital Management Technical Services.

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